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Each Sunday we hear the word preached through sermons which have been conducted in our church building.  These sermons have been recorded and placed on our website so “the word of faith that we proclaim” (Rom. 10:8) can be heard throughout the world (Rom. 10:18).  If you’re viewing this site from your mobile phone, please try out our app.  We invite everyone to please come hear the word preached live!

Kingdom Ethics (Luke 6:17-26)

Rev. Jeremy BoothbyRev. Jeremy Boothby, October 22, 2017
Series: Luke, preached at a Evening Worship service

This sermon was recorded out of order due to technical issues. While it was preached on 10/22/2017 it belongs earlier in the sermon series based on Luke. For its proper context, please find the sermons in the passages around this one. Our technical team is looking into a way to get this sermon to appear in order.


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