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We’re so glad you visited our website today, and we hope you’ll visit Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church of Amarillo, (OPC) soon in person.

We Believe

  1. We Believe – We are a reformed Presbyterian church in Amarillo, Texas, members of the OPC.
  2. Mission and Vision – We teach believers to love God in worship, to love each other in service, and to love those lost in sin with the Gospel as God directs in His Word for the glory Jesus alone deserves.
  3. LeadershipOur church is governed by a Session of Elders who are elected by the congregation as men recognized to be gifted by the Holy Spirit to be Christ’s undershepherds in teaching, guarding, and ruling over his flock in love.

We Worship God

  1. Worship – Worship is the center of our life as a body of Jesus Christ.
  2. The Lord’s Supper – The Lord’s Supper is a gift from the Lord Jesus to His people that we administer on the first Sunday of each month.
  3. Weekly Chruch Life – We participate in various activities throughout the week including worship, shepherding groups, fellowship, bible studies and other activities.
  4. Order of Morning Worship – see an example of our dialogue

We Hear the Word

  1. We Hear the Word
  2. Preachers & Ministers bringing us the Word:
  3. Sunday School and Special Events:

We Serve God

We serve God through our participation in local, home and foreign missions


Here are some external resources we have gathered to help you grow in your understanding of the Bible, the Gospel, and the Reformed faith.

Contact Us

Please contact us if we can be of service to you in any way

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