“That in all things Jesus Christ might have supremacy.” Colossians 1: 18

Mission Statement

Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church of Amarillo (OPC) teaches believers to love God in worship, to love each other in service, and to love those lost in sin with the Gospel as God directs in His Word for the glory Jesus alone deserves. Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church of Amarillo (OPC) seeks the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church of Amarillo (OPC) desires:

  • To teach Christians to please God in worship through His ordinary means of grace, which are the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, the administration of the sacraments, prayer, and the fellowship of believers.
  • To teach Christians to serve one another through prayer, fellowship, counseling, discipleship, acts of mercy, and loving admonishment and accountability.
  • To teach Christians to pursue the lost through opportunities in Amarillo for faithful Gospel witness to our neighbors and through organizations such as CareNet, Presbyterian Children’s Home, Faith City Mission, Christian Women’s Job Corps, and TDCJ Prison unit, etc.; regionally and nationally through OPC Home Missions; globally through OPC Foreign Missions.

In light of these desires we will strive to …

  • Honor God in worship that pleases Him – leading our members in God-centered, not Man-centered worship as God prescribes in His Word.
  • Obey the whole counsel of God – teaching our members all Jesus Christ commands in His Word – all doctrines and duties; all beliefs and behaviors; all creeds and conduct that are in compliance with Holy Scripture.
  • Love each other as Jesus Christ has loved us – urging each member to use his/her spiritual gift(s) for the mutual edification of the body/church.
  • Yearn for glory/heaven – directing our members to deny themselves and to follow Jesus Christ with a focus on the future, pressing forward to the finish line, which will result in their growth in true godliness/holiness in this life for God’s glory.

And to …

  • Glorify God in worship – which He directs for His pleasure and honor.
  • Obey the whole counsel of God – with full confidence in holy Scripture – SNAP
  • Deny the world, the flesh and the Devil – and thus declare, demonstrate a Christian worldview.
  • Love each other as Christ first loved us – materially, emotionally, spiritually, sacrificially in our marriages and families and in our church family of which God has made us members.
  • Yearn for heaven – grow in true knowledge, righteousness and holiness with a focus on the future, pressing forward to the finish line, eyes fixed on Jesus Christ.

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